NFC 33209


ABC Cable NFC 33 209 Stasndar

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The structure of nfc 33209 standard cable

3×25+54.6mm2 NFC 33209 standard

3x25+54.6mm2 XLPE ABC Cable

3×35+54.6mm2 NFC 33209 standard

3×35+54.6mm2 NFC 33209 standard ctructure abc cable

3×70+54.6mm2 NFC 33209 standard

3x70+54.6 NFC 33209 standard structure abc cable

3+1+k core NFC 33209 standard

3+1+k core NFC 33209 standard structure abc cable

The simple introduction to the nfc 33209 standard cable


The aerial bundled cables designed for fixed installation as overhead power lines up to 1000 V incl,To supply 120/220V aerial service for tem service at construction sites, as a service drop (power pole to service entrance) as a secondary cable (Pole to pole), or street lighting. For service at 1000V or lower at a maximum conductor temperature of 90℃.


Phase Conductor Aluminium conductor, round stranded compressed (RM).
Neutral Conductor Alloy aluminium conductor (AlMgSi), round stranded compressed (RM).
Insulation XLPE. Load-bearing / neutral core – marked with standard and producers phase core – marked with digits 1, 2, 3.
Assembly Cores and the neutral, conductor stranded together in right-hand lay, additionally 1, 2 or 3 cores of reduced cross section can be co-stranded.

Technical Data

Rated voltage kV 0.6/1
Test voltage Veff kV/Hz 4/50
Laying temperature °C min. -5
Operating temperature °C -30 ~ +90
Conductor temperature °C max. +90
Short-circuit temperature °C/s max. +250 /5
Bending radius (min.) mm 20 × O of cable

NFC 33-209 Standard ABC Cable Dimensions

ABC Cable NFC 33-209 Standard
Number of Cores x Nominal Cross SectionOveral DiameterWeightMaximum Conductor ResistanceMinimum Breaking LoadCurrent Rating
No.x mm^2mmKg/KmΩ/KmKNA
2x10 RM12.8933.081.538
4x10 RM15.41833.081.538
2x16 RM14.81291.912.372
2x16 RN + 2x1.5 RE14.81761.910/12.1002.372
4x16 RM17.82571.912.372
4x16 RN + 2x1.5 RE17.83041.910/12.1002.372
2x25 RM182021.23.8107
2x25 RM + 2x1.5 RE182491.200/12.1003.8107
4x25 RM21.74041.23.8107
4x25 RM + 2x1.5 RE21.74511.200/12.1003.8107
2x35 RM20.82690.8685.2132
2x35 RM + 2x1.5 RE20.83160.868/12.1005.2132
4x35 RM25.15390.8685.2132
4x35 RM + 2x1.5 RE25.15860.868/12.1005.2132
2x50 RM23.43520.6417.6165
2x50 RM + 2x1.5 RE23.43990.641/12.1007.6165
1x54.6 RM + 3x25 RM21.75070.630/1.2003.8107
1x54.6 RM + 3x25 RM + 1x16 RM24.35730.630/1.200/1.9103.8/2.3107/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x25 RM + 2x16 RM29.76390.630/1.200/1.9103.8/2.3107/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x25 RM + 3x16 RM31.17050.630/1.200/1.9103.8/2.3107/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x35 RM25.16150.630/0.8685.2132
1x54.6 RM + 3x35 RM + 1x16 RM28.16800.630/0.868/1.9105.2/2.3132/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x35 RM + 2x16 RM34.37480.630/0.868/1.9105.2/2.3132/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x35 RM + 3x16 RM35.98140.630/0.868/1.9105.2/2.3132/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x35 RM + 1x25 RM28.17140.630/0.868/1.2005.2/3.8132/107
1x54.6 RM + 3x50 RM28.27410.630/0.6417.6165
1x54.6 RM + 3x50 RM + 1x16 RM31.68060.630/0.641/1.9107.6/2.3165/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x50 RM + 2x16 RM38.68750.630/0.641/1.9107.6/2.3165/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x50 RM + 3x16 RM40.49400.630/0.641/1.9107.6/2.3165/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x50 RM + 1x25 RM31.68410.630/0.641/1.2007.6/3.8165/107
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM339500.630/0.44310.2205
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 1x16 RM3710140.630/0.443/1.91010.2/2.3205/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 2x16 RM45.210830.630/0.443/1.91010.2/2.3205/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 3x16 RM47.311480.630/0.443/1.91010.2/2.3205/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 1x25 RM3710480.630/0.443/1.20010.2/3.8205/107
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 2x25 RM45.211500.630/0.443/1.20010.2/3.8205/107
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 3x25 RM47.312500.630/0.443/1.20010.2/3.8205/107
1x54.6 RM + 3x95 RM37.411760.630/0.32013.5240
1x54.6 RM + 3x95 RM + 1x16 RM41.912430.630/0.320/1.91013.5/2.3240/72

What’s the NFC 33209?

NFC 33 209 standard is the standard of abc cable. Nfc 33209 is the specification of French standard. It has been widely used in the Africa and Europe. The most important markets are French speaking countries. In general, nfc 33209 cable is composed of neutral messenger, phase and lighting line. The insulation of nfc 33 209 standard cable are PE, XLPE and PVC.

NFC 33209 standard

As the the nfc 33209 cable supplier. Huadong Cable Group always put the customer as the first position. In the fierce market competition, selling the nfc 33 209 standard cable to the customer and getting the customer satisfied, it should be the normal market rule to achieve win-win situation. However, in the oversupply market, the supplier of nfc 33209 cable and the customer are unequal. Whether the market is good or not, Huadong Cable Group insist on the quality first, so we can provide the high-quality product for you. Send the inquiry, you can get the best price.

The market of NFC 33209 market

In the industry of nfc 33 209 standard, the whole adopts many measures, such as factory spot checks, spot sampling, flight check and linkage pumping. It does make some effect in the quality of nfc 33209 cable. But it still needs to be carried out in a long time.

NFC 33209 producing prpcess

Mature market needs supplier of nfc 33 209 standard cable and customer to develop together. From the current situation of quality control of nfc 33209 cable. In the one hand, all the industry associations do a lot of job to control the industry of nfc 33 209 standard cable, such as purifying the market, building a normal market order and promoting a fair competition mechanism. It helps the nfc 33209 cable to develop a lot. On the other hand, customer should increase the purchasing adjustment. When you purchases the nfc 33 209 standard cable, he should comply with the purchasing rules.

The good nfc 33209 cable market circumstance need the mutual working of suppliers and the customer. So when you purchase the nfc 33 209 standard cable, you must be careful. If you choose Huadong Cable Group, you can set your mind at rest. Send the  inquiry, you can get the high quality cable with best price.

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NFC 332209 testing and package

NFC 33209 delivery

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NFC 33209 customer case

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