4 Urd Wire

4 Urd Wire simple overview

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The simple introduction to the 4 urd wire

Color:      distribution cable is black.
Description:    Underground Secondary Distribution Cables are twisted assemblies of aluminum alloy 1350 conductors insulated with cross-linked polyethylene. This underground electrical wire is used in various underground applications in secondary distribution circuits at up to 600 volts.
Conductor:    Compressed Class B compressed stranded, 1350 series aluminum alloy.
Insulation:    Black cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
Assembly:     Phase conductors and neutral conductors are cabled together to form a twisted assembly.
Applicable Standards:     – UL 854: Service Entrance Cables
– ICEA S-105-692 Standard for 600 Volt Single Layer Thermoset Insulated Utility Underground Distribution Cables

4 urd wire types

quadruplex 4 urd wire

triplex 4 urd wire

duplex 4 urd wire

single 4 urd wire

The Consequence of bad 4 urd wire

As we all know, when the 4 urd wire burns, it will contribute to some damages. Now, the insulated material and protected layer are combustible organic matters. PVC, PE and XLPE are used extensively to produce 4 urd wire. The Oxygen Index of these materials are 19 or less than it, and it will burn in the 300℃~400℃. meanwhile, the burning heat s larger than the same weight of coal. Once the 4 urd wire using these materials is on fire, it can’t be self-extinguishing. This is the main reason leading to the spread of the fire. In huadong Cable Group, the producing process adhere to the standard.

4 urd wire producing process

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Why choose us?

When the 4 urd wire is burning on fire, the poisonous gas in the produced gas reaches a certain concentration, it will hurt people’s life or kill people. There are some cases that 4 urd wire is self-extinguishing after fire, but it is related with its form, number, arrangement level and the environmental conditions. Send the inquiry, we can provide the details.

When we do the burning test for the single 4 urd wire with PVC with old standard, it doesn’t perform the flame retardancy. However, in the large-scale stalling of multiple 4 urd wire, once it is on fire, due to the cable supplying combustion mass each other, it will course a wide range of high temperatures. Then the burning 4 urd wire can’t be self-extinguishing and be flame retardant. In the case of the same amount of air supply, compared with the vertical installing, the burning spread speed of horizontal installing is less. In huadong, every cable is testing by strict procedure, we can promise you the high quality.

4 urd wire testing

If you want to know the exact installing way, please leave your message, we will provide the scientific way for you. 

Customer Case:  We have exported wires and cables to more than 30 countries,such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia,Oceania countries and etc.

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